She did things her way and was always a lady.




My mother gave birth to six children, Paulla, Melody, Roma, Jeff, Baby boy (still born) and Eric. Each of us was cared for when we were not able to care for ourselves. We were fed and cleaned by a woman with a gentle loving touch. She made sure that everyone in the family was provided for and that not a single one of us went without. She took care of our father, Ray Barnard, until the day he passed away and returned to the Creator in 1989. Now my mother has returned to the Creator and is enjoying time with her two youngest sons and her husband again. One day we will all get to meet on the other side of this life and rejoice in the presence of God and Jesus Christ.


Mother left behind four children, nine grand-children, and thirteen great grand-children. Before she passed she was able to see and hold each of her great-children and show them the love she had to share. She was known to many from all over as Ma and you can not count the people who she shared her love and kindness with that were also looked upon as part of her family.


Mother was a member of The Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Jefferson City where she regularly attended Mass to worship God and Jesus. She had a very strong relationship with our Savior and spent many hours praying for all of her children, grand-children, great grand-children, and extended family and friends. She was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone she could without expecting anything in return. Her heart was very giving and full of love for all.


Mother had a sense of humor that was all over the spectrum. She could tell and laugh at all kinds of jokes. She would laugh at silly thing the little ones would do and also laugh at a dirty joke. She would laugh at stupid things the dogs would do then make sure she laughed at a corny joke told by a child. Her love for laughter was enormous and she always wanted others to laugh as well. When ever we talked, no mater how serious the conversation was, when the conversation ended she would always say, “Let’s end this on a lighter note” then tell a funny story or a joke. She knew how to listen to others peoples  troubles and then find a way to bring humor in to the conversation at the end to make you feel better. I always tried to talk to my mother every day. Sometimes it would only be for a moment or two and at times we would talk for hours, but when ever we talked she would always say, “I have a funny one to tell you”. Mother went through a lot of hard times in her life but she always found the humor in a situation. You may not always like what she had to say about what you were going through, but she told you what she thought. Then she would try to bring you to a place to see humor in your troubles.



Sue and Ray Barnard’s Family




Paulla Barnard Smith, Melody Barnard Matney, Roma Barnard Moore, Jeffrey Raydene Barnard


James Robert Smith, Erica Smith Gunnison, Scarlett Matney Valentine, Abby Matney Garcevic,

Leslie Ryan Barnard, Kyley Daniel Barnard, Jake Rossin Barnard, Rachel Mikaela Moore, Emily Kristin Moore


Great Grand-children

Logan, Nick, Lilly, Rachel, Ashlyn, Blaze, Meredith, Evelyn, Franklin, Michael, Elizabeth, Ruby, Sylvia





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