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We want to thank God for our family and for the greatest nation on earth, The United States of America. Because God has given each man and woman on earth the desire to be free we live in the one country on Earth that gives us more freedom than any other in history. We are able to travel as we see fit, read what ever we desire to read, we are even able to belong to a communist party if that is what we want to do. Even though our country has a constitution that sets our freedoms as being from God and no man can take them away from us.   Well I am sick of the government telling me how to live my life. I have had to hear that I should not say anything about a woman's right to kill her unborn child because it is her right but now they can tell me what insurance I must have. I think it is time to have an article 5 convention and amend the constitution so that if any person in government violates it they will go to prison and have to live on their health food crap and receive the healthcare they want to force on me................
Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am also celebrating the fact that my mother, father and two brothers are already in the presence of God and celebrating with Christ Himself.    

I would rather be waterboarded than  raped and robed by the federal government

Hey house, senate and white house I know what I need better than you. I can also take care of my family better than you. if my elderly mother needs help I can take care of her. So get your nose out of my life and let me live it myself.


  Hey dummy crats, you are not now nor have you ever been a people who love the constitution. You are the enemy of this great country and have done all you can to destroy it. I think if you are proud of what you have done that you should pack up and move to Europe where you can live in your utopia and leave me the HELL ALONE.




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